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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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Starting a company

What business structure do I need?
How do I choose a company name?
Do I need a constitution?
How many directors, secretaries and members does my company need to have?
What form do I need to lodge to register a new company?
What is a member and how can a person become one?
What is the fee for registering a company?

Deregistering a company

When can I deregister my company?
How do I deregister my company?
What is ASIC initiated deregistration?
How do I wind up a solvent company?
How can I reinstate my company?
Why has my company been deregistered?

Business names

What is a business name?
How do I register a business name?
How do I renew a business name?
How do I update my business name details?
How do I find out who holds a business name?
What is an ASIC key?
How does an agent transact for a business name holder?

Fees, invoces and fee waivers

How do I request a refund?
How can I pay ASIC fees/invoices?
What is my account balance?
What are the different late fees related to annual statements?
What are the different late fees that may be charged?
What fees are involved with lodging forms?
In what circumstances can I apply for a fee waiver?

Corporate key

What is the corporate key?
How do I use my corporate key?
How is the corporate key issued?
How do I get a new corporate key?
Will my registered agent receive my corporate key?
Apply now for a new corporate key online

Changing company details

How do I update addresses with ASIC?
How can I lodge forms with ASIC?
What is the annual statement and what are my responsibilities in response to it?
Where can I find what form I need to lodge?
Information about your company and the law
How do I change details online?
Register now to change details online

Online access

Service availability
How do I register for online access?
Where can I find the ASIC Electronic Lodgement Protocol?

How to search

What searches can I conduct for free?
How do I conduct a paid search through an information broker?
How do I conduct a paid search?
What information will I obtain from different searches?
What are the fees for different searches?

Unclaimed money

How do I search for unclaimed money?
How do I lodge a claim?


How do I complain about companies or people?
How do I complain about access or service difficulties on this website?
How do I complain about ASIC decisions or officers?

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