For consumers


ASIC’s MoneySmart offers you tips & tools to help you make the most of your money.

Borrowing money

People who provide you with credit or consumer leases must be licensed or authorised by ASIC. They must not give you credit that is unsuitable for you.

Superannuation and investments

ASIC is responsible for investor and consumer protection in financial services, including super and investments.

Unclaimed money

How to find your lost money

Banned and disqualified people

Check our ‘banned and disqualified’ register for people who have been banned from giving financial advice or managing a company.

Insolvency - your rights

What are your rights as an investor, shareholder, employee or creditor if a company becomes insolvent ?

Codes of conduct

A code of conduct (or a code of practice) is a set of enforceable rules setting out an industry’s commitments to deliver a certain standard of practice.

Financial capability

ASIC leads and coordinates work to improve the financial capability of all Australians.

How to complain

Information about lodging a complaint or reporting your concerns to ASIC